Original Oil Paintings


  By David Keeney

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All original oil paintings shown on this website have been painted by David Keeney.  All of these pictures have been photographed digitally by the artist and photos may vary in quality. You are encouraged to enjoy these works of art and I would appreciate feedback on the art and the website. This web-site is updated regularly and I hope you will check back from time to time as new art is added. 


All paintings are painted on stretched canvas. 

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Inside The Studio

                            David Keeney with his son in Monterey California

About the Artist

The background for this website was take from the Painting "atoll". (see it now)

 Because this website contains  art the pictures are sometimes slow to load depending on your connection to the internet. I did not want to compromise quality for speed. Please be patient while pages download.


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David Keeney (c) 2004